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Memories: Past Life Experiences

There’s a lot of unnecessary fear and confusion about past-life memories. Perhaps this will help.

When a restriction in a patient’s tissues fails to release after a
few minutes, I typically ask the patient how long that restriction has
been there. If the answer is something like “always”, “a l-o-o-o-n-g
time”, or “forever”, I’ll usually ask: Is this restriction from a
previous lifetime? If this is a new patient, and the answer is
“Yes.” They may hasten to add, “Wow! And I don’t even believe in
past-life memory!”

You might think—as I once did--that remembering something from before your birth is impossible. But my patients regularly find content and restrictions from in utero, often from one or both parents. Past-life
is only one step further.
dreams artwork

Even without past lives, it’s still possible for you to carry memory
or content on your DNA from a direct ancestor’s previous lifetime or
to have in your unconscious metaphoric, symbolic, or archetypical
content. If content no longer serves you, the important thing is not
where it comes from, but being able to access and let go of it.