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The Role of Stored Content in Allergy Elimination And Autoimmune Disease

The Role of Stored Content in Allergy Elimination
And Autoimmune Disease

Allergies may be inherited. However, in the clinical experience of the late CranioSacral Therapy pioneer Dr. John Upledger, DO, many allergies arise when an emotion overwhelms us. This is simply more emotion or more intense emotion than we are able to handle at the time. When we experience one of these overloads, our immune system in conjunction with our nervous system associates something in our internal or external environment with this overload, and our body develops a sensitivity to the substance. For us, at least, the substance is now an allergen.

For many of us, our immune system reacts increasingly strongly with each subsequent exposure. When the immune system re-encounters this allergen, it releases powerful chemicals called histamines. In extreme case, an allergic response can trigger anaphylactic shock, a true medical emergency. Left untreated, anaphylactic shock can lead to respiratory or cardiac arrest and death in minutes, in an otherwise strong and healthy person. Therefore, medical help (call 911) should be sought when a person has sudden respiratory distress.

Although a gazillion dollars is spent each year on allergy testing and treatment, much of that effort and expense and the associated suffering is unnecessary. Indeed, according to Dr. Upledger, understanding this process makes it possible to eliminate the allergy. Indeed, its about as simple as tic-tac-toe. The bodyworker and the patient together find and release the associated emotion(s), address any energetic needs of the affected tissues, and ask the immune system to dial back the reaction to the allergen on subsequent exposures.

Typically, this entire process takes less than an hour and eliminates the allergy permanently. In fact, I’ve led patients through it successfully when all we had was a few minutes. We’ve even done it while strolling down a beach. This is by far the fastest, most economical, most comfortable, and most effective way to eliminate allergies. On one occasion, we eliminated a broad spectrum of allergies, not just the single allergen targeted.

You believe you inherited your allergies? No problem! The technique can be modified for allergies that have been inherited or learned from others.

Dr. Upledger developed similar principles and approaches to treat autoimmune diseases as well. In autoimmune diseases, our immune system does not recognize our tissues as ou own and attacks them. The bodyworker and the patient collaborate to find and eliminate the cause of the confusion so that we can get back to health and get on with our life.

If you are ready for permanent relief from allergies or autoimmune challenges, please give me a call. I can probably help.

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