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Visceral Manipulation Is...

Ever hear of visceral manipulation?
Visceral manipulation is bodywork on deep tissue to improve the function of organs in the abdominal cavity (think of heart, intestines, liver, etc.) As an alternative therapy option, it increases circulation to the affected body parts and removes adhesions that can affect movement and cause discomfort. Massaging the visceral organs is provided to relieve physical and mental stress and improve the auto-immune response, helping strengthen the resistance to disease and infection.
Visceral manipulation began in ancient times as a treatment for disease or poor health. Here are some observations about its history: Visceral manipulation was practiced in Tibet for centuries. Priot to the 19th century, visceral manipulation was widely used by medical doctors as treatment for many diseases, being replaced by more technical methods over the years. French D. O.
Jean-Pierre Barral is credited with bringing it to the United States in the 1980’s.