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Access Consciousness® Clearing Statements

Recently, I was up against an old persistent issue and decided it was time to act. Since 60 years of stoicism and patience had failed to budge the needle, I had to assume those ponies were departed, passed, gone to the other side, mort, deceased, dead.

Casting around in my mental tool kit, I seized upon the Access Consciousness work I’ve done here in Anchorage with my friend and colleague Amber Brand and her daughter Javian. You can reach them at

In particular, there is a little phrase that Amber invokes time and again when we encounter an obstacle. The words sound familiar, but seem a little gobbled-gook, especially as fast as she says them. Apparently, it’s the sounds--not their literal meaning--that trip all the tumblers in our conscious/subconscious lock and allow the desired change.

Access Consciousness discourages sharing their content on websites and socials media, but you can find their clearing statement at

In any case, I found and tried a pair of statements which struck me as good
for getting to the bottom of things. Within a few minutes, I’d struck gold: (had a major insight into the origin of the issue and was then able to move forward). Finally!!! Whatever your particular gremlins are, I suggest you give this stuff a try. What’ve you got to lose, anyway?

By the way, if you google Access Consciousness®, right away you’ll find all this fear-mongering garbage about whether or not it’s a cult. From my experience, this is a load of horse-pucky. Access is the antithesis of a cult because it is all about increasing consciousness and giving people all the tools to be themselves and choose and achieve what they wish. (If you’re wanting someone else in the driver’s seat, I can see why it would freak you out.) As for Amber, she may have a couple of kids but she’s more of a filly than a colt.

Access Consciousness®’ mantra is: All of life comes to me with Ease & Joy & Glory!®

Check it out. A Sante’! Mike