Healing Journeys is based on the belief that the body has great capacity to heal. We practice the very best techniques to engage and assist this capacity. We lend our skills, knowledge, and intention to help patients regain and optimize health, and prevent illness and injuries. Springtime in Alaska! | Healing Journeys Blog

Springtime in Alaska!

After the record-breaking snowfall of last winter, the eight of trees in bud and grass turning green is a joy. Healing, in fact! People are outdoors enjoying the bright days and temperatures that require no bundling and boots. It is a time for activity, smiles, and joy!

It is also a time when daylight exceeds 18 hours a day - in June, the days are at their longest, and locals maximize their activity as a result. But the need to rest and refuel remains as necessary as when days when nightfall comes at dinner time. Remember to rest and regroup. Our treatments help with that - we recommend that you
contact us for treatment that will enable you to fully experience the summer with an open heart!