Healing Journeys is based on the belief that the body has great capacity to heal. We practice the very best techniques to engage and assist this capacity. We lend our skills, knowledge, and intention to help patients regain and optimize health, and prevent illness and injuries. Mike Attends “Expanding Present Moment Consciousness” Workshop | Healing Journeys Blog

Mike Attends “Expanding Present Moment Consciousness” Workshop

In May, Mike flew to West Virginia to take the his first advanced-level Healing From The Core workshop. The purpose of the course is to help practitioners stay more present during treatments so that they can provide the space and energy their patients need to do their work. The workshop involved working through some of the core issues that keep us stuck in the past or fixated on the future. Upon my return, most of my patients made quantum leaps in the quality and quantity of healing they were able to accomplish in a single session. This training is part of my ongoing commitment to work on myself and my issues this year so that I can be even more effective for my patients.