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New and Improved!

New! Improved! Even better than before.

A year ago today, I began massage school. My intention was to learn more about the body in order to better serve my patients. I also wanted a Licensed Massage Therapist license. I chose the Oregon state license because of Oregon’s rigorous and nationally-recognized credentialing process. (Alaska is only one of six states left that lack state licensing. Not to worry, I have been licensed to practice in Anchorage ever since the MOA program began here.)

I graduated from massage school in July. In August, though I’d passed it in 1996, I repeated the
NCBMTB National Exam—scoring a 387 out of a possible 400. On the third of October, I passed the Oregon Board of massage Therapists’ Practical Examination with an 89%, clearing the final major hurdle for my Oregon state license. The bottom line? Your New! Improved! Mike Macy is back full-time. I’m doing even better what I’ve always done well: tracking down and releasing mechanical restrictions and helping people overcome chronic challenges that have not responded to medical and chiropractic approaches--with even less muss and fuss than ever before. I’m also great with acute problems: accidents, injuries, surgeries, colds, flu, sinus infections, etc.

If you’re ready to move forward give me a call. Even if you’re not,
contact me anyway, I can probably get you there.