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Emotional Release Pt 1

Emotional Release: It’s Not What You Think Part 1

People who haven’t experienced the release of emotions from their bodies in a therapeutic setting are sometimes daunted by the prospect. Needlessly so.

Often, emotional content arises unbidden. When it does, we deal with it.
I’ve never seen it result in a problem the patient couldn’t manage. There is a very strong part of each of us that will not allow anything to come to the surface that we can’t handle at the time. I’ve experienced this personally as a patient and as a bodyworker.

I’ve had two patients where what came up was part of a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the patients could have dealt with it right then and there but chose not. So we let it go.

Different therapists have different approaches to emotional release work. Mine is to give the patient the reins. This may seem scary, but it isn’t. In fact, it’s particularly helpful for those who most need it, those who have been victims at one time or another. This way they directly experience and practice the opposite of powerlessness, being in charge. Who doesn’t like being in control?

This is part one of a series - part two will be publlshed soon so plan to visit in several days