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Grounding and Healthy Boundaries Workshop

Mike attends “Grounding and Healthy Boundaries Workshop”

In Mid-February, Mike flew to Fairbanks for his first Healing From The Core workshop. This was the first of these workshops ever offered in Alaska. It is designed to help participants stay more present while doing whatever it is they do and tap into the ocean of energy that surrounds each one of us—rather than deplete our own energy and then make that energy available for patients to use during their treatments. This helps bodyworkers like Mike and other therapists and therapists like Mike avoid burnout while providing more powerful and efficient treatments, as many of my patients discovered upon my return.

Typically, Fairbanks is one of Alaska’s least windy communities, and winters are extremely cold and dry. However, the workshop coincided with one of the biggest 24-hour blizzards in the city’s history, followed by an intense ground blizzard. Spectacular! Best of all, Anne Harrison, my longest-standing Alaskan friend recovered miraculously from a nearly fatal staph infection in Pasadena, California, while I was helping her house-sitters shovel snow and hold down the fort. Anne’s physicians and staff in California literally danced when her numbers turned around. Billions of snowflakes in Fairbanks joined in the celebration. Hooray, Anne! And thank you.