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Buck, the Movie

“Your horse is a mirror to your soul. Sometimes you may not like
what you see.” “People see me as someone who helps them with their
horse problems, but I think more often, I help horses with people
problems.” -- Buck Brannaman

Buck Brannaman and his horse travel the U.S. giving horse taming
workshops. He can have an unbroken, never-saddled, spooky young
horse following him around like a puppy in minutes--and saddled and
ride-able in 15 or 20. Buck can also articulate about what he’s
doing and why.

His horse work would be compelling enough for any film maker, but Buck is no ordinary horseman: Buck was physically and emotionally abused as a young boy. Somehow, for all appearances, he’s managed to overcome his history and cobble together a great life.

If you’re ready to jettison the baggage of a challenged past…
If you are looking for a little inspiration...
If you want to see what “healed” looks and feels like, I encourage you
to learn more
about the production, including he DVD release.

If you liked The King’s Speech, you’ll love Buck.