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Words About Allergy Relief

A person who was treated by Mike Macy shared this comment:

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Recently, while hiking through a pollen-filled meadow, I started thinking about the ways in which my life has changed since I was treated by Mike several years ago. I no longer worry about carrying Claritin to ward off the dreaded impacts of a sunny day in the wilderness. When I garden at home, I no longer cover myself head-to-toe including face mask before turning the soil. After spending time on our front deck when the alder trees are heavy with pollen-coated catkins, I no longer race to the sink to wash by face and rinse my eyes. No more extensive sneezing fits… no more raspy breathing… no more itchy, reddened eyes… I honestly attribute these changes to Mike’s work. He has given me back the freedom to enjoy spring and summer with the full-blown exuberance I used to feel as a child. I am so very lucky to have met him and received his help.

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