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Emotional Release Pt 4

Emotional Release: It’s Not What You Think Part 4

All of us have emotion parked in our tissues. Lots of it. Most of it is no big deal. However, sometimes our ego tells us we aren’t strong enough to handle this content, but usually that’s not true—ego is all about survival and likes to be in control. And of course, when we repress something for years, our psyches may imbue it with super-human power. It’s like the noise we hear in closet in the dark when we’re little and trying to fall asleep. If our parents don’t respond to our pleas and come open the closet door and see that our jeans just fell off the hanger, within no time at all, we’re convinced that there’s a monster in there.

In contemplating whether ego is correct about our inability to handle buried content, it’s worth remembering two things: First, that you are older, stronger, wiser, and have more personal resources and an entire support system to bring to bear on the issue. And secondly, that this is a therapeutic situation—you are in charge, you are safe, and you have a powerful ally in your corner who’s done this himself and helped thousands of patients do this tens of thousands of times. So, POP! Goes the weasel.

Today, we also know that emotions, issues, beliefs, and attitudes parked in tissue are really just stuck energy. Typically, releasing that stuck energy from the tissue is as easy as finding it and being willing to let it go. If there is any resistance, it’s usually about either not understanding the process or, if our whole life has been organized around the problem or diagnosis, the resistance arises from our being fearful about embarking on an unknown path. A good bodyworker can help you negotiate with the resistance and navigate through these uncharted waters. Your bodyworker may have waded through them him- or herself.

So if the idea of emotional release scares you, think again. Usually, after an emotional release, my patients feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off them. In many ways, Winston Churchill was correct when he said, “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” After 20 years in the business, I can almost guarantee that nothing will ever come up that we can’t handle. And meanwhile, we aren’t getting any younger. A pain-free, joyous life is passing us by. Come on in. The water is great.

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