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Time to Mount the Studded Tires

Elson Haas' classic, Staying Healthy With The Seasons, explains the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) view of the impact of seasonal change on our organs and health.    Among other things, TCM associates fall with lungs and colon, grief, and letting go.   TCS associates winter with the kidneys and bladder and fear and will.  Winter is supposed to be a time of deep rest and inner journeying.   Think hibernation.   Haas advocates at least one acupuncture/acupressure treatment at the beginning of each of the five season( the familiar four, plus Indian Summer) to stay ahead of the health curve.   My associate, Jennifer Joliffe, can help with that.   

Another approach might be to work with our immune systems, through our thymus glands.  If we let it, our thymus will tell us if we're getting sufficient rest, hydration, and exercise.   Thymus will also tell us if we're dragging around some afflictive emotion that's compromising our immune system or if we need more or less of a particular nutrient or food.  If we take care of this magical gland it can perform miracles before our very eyes.   If you're not familiar with thymus, please look at Curing Colds and Flu in Readings.   If you'd like an introduction, call for an appointment.   I'm SouthCentral Alaska's only factory-trained thymus repair specialist.  

As we move into winter, it's a good time to see if there's anything you want to let go of so as not to drag into the den with you.   Given that we are supposed to be resting and repleneshing during the winter months,  winter athletes need to be particularly diligent to prevent  burnout, injuries, and "bonking".  Staying healthy through the year comes down to right work, play, rest, diet, spiritual pursuits, and relationships--with a healthy dose of luck and genes.  Regular service will help on all fronts.