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CranioSacral Allergy Elimination Rocks!

Over the years, I’ve made many bullish claims about the effectiveness of CranioSacral techniques, and none more so than allergy elimination. I can appreciate that people not accustomed to bodywork/manual therapy might have some skepticism. Therefore, it was quite gratifying to hear from a patient just returned from driving from Northern California to Missouri and back to Colorado. She volunteered that she never once had a hint of any allergies despite exposure to a host of different pollens that had previously given her trouble.

Four years earlier, while she was in the midst of respiratory distress, we’d worked together for about an hour. We’d discovered what she was reacting to--dandelions, tracked down and released the associated emotions, and asked the thymus gland if it would dial back the allergic response, which it did almost instantly. In one hour, my patient had gone from acute respiratory distress to breathing almost normally--despite the scores of blooming and going and gone to seed dandelions just outside the open window. At the time, we were both extremely pleased and a little amazed at the effectiveness of
CranioSacral treatment for allergies. To think that that single treatment has lasted four years now, and counting!