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Judy's Story

Judy's Story

Judy lives in the Bush.  When her high blood pressure verged on a heart attack, the local clinic was able to lower it with medication and medivac her to town. The subsequent angiogram damaged a femoral artery. The repair surgery left her weak and shaken. She spent the next five weeks mostly lying down and thinking that she would probably not regain her former energy.  Also, though improved with new medication, her blood pressure remained quite high in the early mornings.

While in Anchorage for some meetings, Judy came in for bodywork. In the first session, we found and released considerable tension around her heart, aorta, and lungs. Judy left looking relaxed and relieved. 

The following day she sat through eight hours of meetings followed by a potluck.  Staying late to help clean up, she heard others complaining of being tired.  Judy suddenly realized she wasn’t tired--for the first time in months!  Walking home that night, she felt elated.  

Judy spent the summer sea kayaking, camping, berry picking, gardening - all the activities she has always done. Five months after her two sessions, she continues to feel great.  Her morning blood pressure spikes have ended, too.

Judy e-mailed recently:  “In February, I never thought I’d come back like this. I think it was your work that did it.”