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Things to Know About Emotional Release

Things To Know About Emotional Release

What it Is, How it Works

Emotional content includes feelings, issues, beliefs, judgments, and attitudes.

If we are preoccupied with more pressing matters or lack the skills and/or safety to process or express the feeling, the nervous system will automatically park emotional content in the tissues
. This is normal. It protects our sanity and enables us to function and survive.

Most of us probably have hundreds of discrete “contents” parked in our bodies.

Like glue, content stored in tissue often produces mechanical restrictions, congestion, toxin buildup and, ultimately, pathology.

Most content is not highly charged or a big deal. It’s more like lint. Its importance stems from its negative impacts on our health and life.

The content may have originally belonged to someone else. Regardless of its origin, your letting go of content will not hurt someone else. But it will help you.

Your cerebral cortex and ego will not show you content that you can’t handle. It will only show us content we both can handle. These are also survival strategies.

Letting Go Of Content

Typically, I only ask about the possibility of parked content when restrictions do not respond to manual therapy alone. However, the cause could also be scar tissue or adhesions, the abnormal stickiness between adjacent tissues.

When I ask about the possibility of content, I will usually give you an out. If I ask a leading question, I will usually warn you and give you the option of not sharing your answer with me, should it be too personal or painful.

When there is content, you always have a choice: Let it go, or keep it. There are compelling reasons to let go, and I can help you get there if you want.

You’ve probably worked through most of your content mentally. That’s the story. The history is in the tissue. Releasing content from the tissue is a snap.

At its essence, content is just stuck energy. Unfortunately, it anchors us in the past. Releasing this energy frees us to a more functional present.

You’re In Charge

I have decades of experience helping patients release content. But the choice to do emotional work is always yours. You have a right to not do emotional release work at any time.

Many times neither you nor I need know the nature of the content. All your body wants is your permission to let it go.

Should a particular content prove too personal or embarrassing, you need not reveal it
. I can still help you release it. Typically, all that you need to do is acknowledge it to yourself, and let go of it.

If something is particularly tenacious, I can help you get the upper hand.

If my questions seem too intrusive, please indicate your discomfort or reluctance as best as you can. Bodywork is a collaboration between you and I.

I will not judge you for setting limits. In fact, I’m likely to be pleased. My job is to provide you safety and tools. If you don’t feel safe, please let me know so I can resolve the problem.

My approach to emotional release will add to your tools and life skills. Before long, you’ll be finding and releasing your content when you are on your own. My goal is to make you autonomous and healthy.

Your Privacy

Because your personal history is private, I keep no records about emotional releases. The most I ever chart is “SER” which stands for SomatoEmotiional Release, a CranioSacral Therapy term for releasing emotions stored in the tissue, or soma. Often, I don’t even write down SER.

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