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Mike Macy

Mike has helped patients resolve health and life challenges for 30 years. He combines the latest and most advanced manual therapy and mind-body techniques to release restrictions, regardless of location, duration, or cause.


Mike came to Alaska in 1976 from Olympic National Park to experience Alaska’s wildest places. He began studying acupressure in 1987 after a car accident in Juneau. He has been practicing CranioSacral Therapy since 1992 and Visceral Manipulation. After becoming the first certified CranioSacral Therapist since 1996. Mike pioneered combining these modalities at an advanced level sever since. (For a complete list of his trainings, please go to Mike’s Curriculum Vitae.)

Southcentral Alaska’s first certified CranioSacral Therapist, Mike specializes in chronic and mysterious health challenges and pain. He works on allergies and immune and auto-immune problems, digestive, respiratory, neurological, cardiovascular, endocrine, reproductive, musculoskeletal, thermal, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and energetic challenges.

Mike doesn’t care how many doctors and therapists ta patient has seen or how many therapies they’ve tried. He’s undaunted by complex histories and hopeless diagnoses because he believes in each person’s ability to heal and is familiar with most of the obstacles. Most practitioners don’t understand the body’s mechanical needs and many lack the time, interest, or skills to treat the whole person.

There’s a reason for illness. Often mechanical restrictions are at play. Once we find and release them, health may be just around the corner. Mike’s manual listening skills and training help him find restrictions others have missed. While he prefers hands-on, he also treat long-distance, via the phone or Skype.

Prevention and Health Optimization

If you enjoy good health, Mike can still help you optimize and prevent illness. We all have mechanical restrictions, hundreds of them. Years of decades may pass before a restriction produces a noticeable symptom, yet that restriction reduces your body’s ease and efficiency, accelerates wear and tear, and creates damage.

In medicine, much of what passes for prevention is merely early detection. Although that is very important, finding and releasing restrictions years before they produce symptoms manual therapy provides early correction and true prevention, while optimizing your health.

Viewing and treating the body mechanically is crucial. Thanks to their gentleness and precision, CranioSacral and Visceral Manipulation are ideal for finding and releasing the mechanical restrictions behind many common health and life challenges. A sample of articles on body mechanics can be found in Readings.

To maximize the chances of finding and addressing the root cause of illness, practitioners must have the time, inclination, and training to treat the whole patient—body, mind, and spirit. Body means every single organ and tissue, right down to the cellular level. Sadly, many practitioners are constrained by their business model, financial expectations, occupational norms, clinical settings, or inclinations. Mike’s experience suggests that, whether patients know it or not, most challenges have emotional and spiritual components. In the latter case, we're talking about self-judgement, self-criticism, and self-punishment. Most clinicians ignore these elephants-in-the-room. However, the sooner they are appropriately discovered, acknowledged, accepted, and resolved, the better, both for the patient and the complaint. Many illnesses are the body's attempts to get the patient’s attention. The owner that happens, the sooner we can choose health.

Emotional Release Work

All restrictions are pathological. Many are held in place by emotions, issues, beliefs, and attitudes. This is why it’s so important to treat the whole person. While his extensive training, advanced skills, and long experience help, Mike’s ability to create a safe space for his patients may be his single most important service.

At the outset, many patients fear emotional release work, even though it is often their express ticket to health. After a little practice, however, most come to view emotional release as child’s play. There's nothing to fear: the ego will not show us anything we can't handle. Indeed, strong feelings rarely arise, and even when they do, they pass quickly, leaving us feeling much better. Typically, whether it is an emotion, issue, belief, or attitude, most content proves relatively easy to address in a few minutes. The thing to fear is the havoc that buried content can wreak in our lives and health, until we find and release it.

Tissue Talk

Mike approaches his patients and their challenges with respect and without judgment. Mike’s training allows him to enlist the body’s brilliance by talking to tissues, diseases, and symptoms. Restrictions, symptoms, and diseases often have silver linings. They may be wake-up calls from our spirit. Before we wage war on them and eliminate them, we need to be acknowledge, understand, respect, and sufficiently explore them because they may also provide the very keys to unimagined health and prosperity that the patient craves. Again, this may take only a few minutes, but it can make all the difference.

Who’s on First?

Bodywork is a collaborative process. Ninety percent of healing is the patient’s allowing. That means showing up and giving one’s self permission to get better. Thanks to self-judgment and self-punishment, many of us need a little help getting to that point. That’s where Mike comes in: the patient does the healing, Mike facilitates. Mike’s goal is to bring relief to patients as quickly as possible, but healing is as much about the journey, as the destination.

To see how Mike’s training compares to others’ in Anchorage, visit
IAHP.com. For all his training, please see his Curriculum Vitae.